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Gods Calling
 Reach The World with RBS's "Targeted Calling"

Targeted Calling is a new and innovative program for business prospecting.

Targeted Calling "One" ~ "Surveys" is a unique automated telemarketing survey that has the ability to capture the names, addresses and phone numbers of people that have an interest in your product or service. The survey will provide you with a list of the prospects for immediate follow-up.

How to Prepare ~ It is best to designate some people in your firm that will be responsible to manage this program. First, the people performing this marketing need to know when the calling program will start. Second, they will need to have time available to call the prospects within 2 days from the time we give you the survey results to set an appointment or invite them to your business. And Three, these same people should be tracking the activities of these new prospects. It is important to properly greet them when they do come to your businesses or to set an appointment.

Costs ~ This program is priced on a Performance Basis. You only pay for completed successful surveys. Choose from:
  • 15 Surveys (Cost $75 each or $1125)
  • 25 Surveys (Cost $70 each or $1750)
  • 50 Surveys (Cost $65 each or $3250)
  • 75 Surveys (Cost $60 each or $4500)
  • 100 Surveys (Cost $50 each or $5000)
* Plus all campaigns have a one time set up fee of $175.
  Targeted Calling "Two " ~ "Opt-In" is a new patented service for businesses to quickly deliver a custom message from your firm to opt-in leads. (People that have requested information about product and services). These messages will be delivered to voice mail machines and live persons. Your message will be delivered in a matter of minutes. There is no equipment to buy or phone lines to just call us and we do the rest!

How to Prepare ~ If calling businesses directly there are no compliance laws. This means that you can call any business with your offer.
If calling consumers, a specific call list has to be procured. First the list must be cleaned against the national Do Not Call data base. This is a data base of people that have formally registered their phone number and do not want to be called for any telemarketing offer. Secondly, the list of targets must be opt-in, this means they have inquired about your type of product or service. These opt-in list or leads can be purchased or generated form the Internet, trade shows, fairs and events. The cost will depend on the type of lead needed. Call us at 800-613-5110 to discuss options for your business.

Costs ~ This program is priced based on the number of calls delivered.

1000 to 2500 messages - 22 cents per call
2500 to 15000 messages - 21 cents per call
15001 to 25000 messages - 20 cents per call
25001 to 35000 messages - 19 cents per call
35001 to 45000 messages - 18 cents per call
45001 to 60000 messages - 17 cents per call
60001 or more delivered messages - 16 cents per call

Important ... Pricing is based on a per minute basis and includes the cost of obtaining business phone numbers but not consumer data. There is also a one time set up fee of $175.

Use Targeted Calling to grow your Business